Sunday, February 8, 2009

- You’re Dying

The Ages of physical Aging


When nipples are very important and shitting comes easy, when you start gathering clues about life, like; smiling and crying are excellent tools, and your parents are very important.


When you have no fears and plenty of innocence and an inexhaustable energy, which you don't enjoy because you have never been without it. It is during this stage that all you want is to be older, and your peers become more important than your parents.

When health issues first rear their ugly head, or heads;
Oh my GOD! What is this plague on my face?
Sexual maturity - Why is Evan shaving? What IS this masturbation thing that I have been hearing so much about?
Physical stature-Am I always going to be 4'11"?

Prime Time -From 20-35 years of age, both biological function and physical performance reach their peak. So does the opposite sex's attraction to you. If you can't score at this age, you're not gonna score. And when you do score, you can go all night, or at least several times in one night or one hour.

Check back, more to come...soon...The great downhill slide- Prime Time with cash, Middle Age, and Discount age.